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Hope isn't lonely. Be a Hope Dealer.

I’ve discovered something about finding hope in the middle of a mess that I didn’t expect.

Hope isn't lonely. And it can be contagious.

You are not alone in the waiting. Your hopeful heart has friends out there waiting to hear your story, too. One of my desires in writing this book is that my story will reach others who are struggling to find space for hope. As I've prayed about what that looks like I felt like I should be sharing my little corner of the internet and curate others hope stories here, too!

So, the past few weeks I’ve reached out to people in my life, some I know well and others not so much, to ask them to share a bit of their stories here with you.

Be a HOPE DEALER. Seriously! Spread that stuff around!

I don’t know about you, but my own hope grows when I hear about the hope that lives in the hearts of others. There is beauty in standing together. In giving the mess a safe place to land. In allowing Jesus to use it for His glory. All for HIs glory!

Today I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Sami. I was part of a popular in home business for a couple of years and Sami was my team leader. We hung out on Facebook live once a week as part of a team training and that was really all I knew about the woman on the other screen.

But we had a lot of life in common. Single mommas raising three kids and being boss ladies to take care of them, we both purchased our first homes in that time, and we both loved Jesus deep.

In the years since leaving that business, we stayed in touch here and there via social media and I’ve watched Sami carry herself with grace the whole way through. When praying about who to ask to share their story here with you, Sami came to mind. I shot her a quick message asking her if she happened to have anything stirring in her spirit to share on the subject of hope. Her response? “Yes… hope is the only thing I’ve clung to!”

Grab that second cup of coffee, read on for a glimpse into Sami's heart, and let’s grow in hope together…

“When my marriage first started falling apart, I decided to see a counselor who had come highly recommended by a friend. I remember just like it was yesterday sitting on her couch feeling lost, confused, and riddled with anxiety.

As the session began she asked me how I felt about the overall state of my marriage and I shared that despite everything that had transpired I still had faith that things could change. I was hopeful.

To this day I’ll never forget what she said next, “Hope is dope”. HOPE. IS. DOPE. She explained that it would be best for me to ditch hanging onto hope for anything in life, because I ultimately would always be sorely disappointed in what I put my faith in.

That was the last day I ever saw that counselor. It’s been a decade now since I remember hearing those words and I can say with confidence that I am even more so now in the business of hope than I was then. As it turns out, HOPE is not dope. Hope carried me through a painful divorce.

Hope was my constant companion raising 3 kids under 6 while beginning the journey of being a working from home mom. Hope was there when I bought my first home and started a new business. Hope was there when I was sad, when I was down and was feeling uncertain about  what my future would hold. But Hope knows... HOPE has a name, and His name is Jesus.

2020 has been a hard season for all of us. Between a pandemic, cries for social justice and whatever you have been personally experiencing within the 4 walls of your home, it’s hard not to feel hopeless.

But, Jesus.

It is written, 'For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future', Jeremiah 29:11. That counselor was right when she said I would always be 'sorely disappointed in what I put my faith in'. But I don’t put my faith in a what, I put it in a Who.

I have hope that He will heal hearts and mend the nations. I have hope that my life is being held up with His loving hands, I have that same hope for you, too. Hope is not dope friends,  it is what keeps us looking up and pressing on. Hope is in yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hope is Him."

Sami Lee


P.S. Sami and her best friend run the sweetest online boutique and I just happen to be wearing my favorite pair of pull on distressed jeggings from there today :) (And yes, those are rolls of black and white film I developed hanging there to dry!)

She didn't know I was going to do this, but if you'd love to support another #hopedealer momma check them out:

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