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Let the SUNSHINE in.

These plants, sitting in these windows, on this beautiful day… They are healthy. They are growing. They are happy here. Or at least I...

This Ampersand Life

“I’ve gone through a divorce and I still believe in marriage. I was a single parent, and I still got most things done. I was in a career...

A Beautiful Hope from the Raining Ashes

The mountains in California, and cities surrounding them, are ablaze. Some of those fires are in the mountains not far from our home. Ash...

Hope Floats & Hope Dealers.

Right now, I’m in the proverbial ninth month of birthing a book baby and it feels very much like waiting to birth a real baby. It’s part mis

Run. Hide. Fight.

I was sitting at work one day this week providing training to a new hire and going over our store Active Shooter Plan. The fact that we...

Empty Places

This week my house is empty. The kids are off at our church camp (except this year it’s not beach camp). They are at a mountain resort,...

Bound to be Bound by Something.

I learned something I never knew about words this week. Maybe you've heard of it, but I had not! Contronym. A single word with two...

Corn Pasta and Jesus

The minivan pulls up at the end of my front walkway about the same time I get the text message announcing its arrival. I’m already one...

Hope isn't lonely. Be a Hope Dealer.

I’ve discovered something about finding hope in the middle of a mess that I didn’t expect. Hope isn't lonely. Meet fellow #hopedealer Sami!

For Goodness Sake

I want to tell you, whatever side you fall on, that you are loved. You are seen. You are heard.

Flowers and Friendship

Several times in the last couple of months flowers have show up on my doorstep for no other reason than a friend who loves me wanted me...

Start at the very beginning.

I hope as I open up our messy, downright beautiful life to you that you will see some of yourself in us, see hope in the hard things, and f

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